New gas tariffs for 2021 published: what to expect for Ukrainians


Starting from January 1, 2021, gas transportation prices will rise. Gas suppliers have published approximate prices for the heating season.

Gas tariffs in 2021 in Ukraine

Gas prices change every month. Different suppliers set their own prices. In December 2020, the price is in the range from 5.95 hryvnia to 9.05 hryvnia per cubic meter of gas.


The exact gas prices in January will be announced by December 26. But suppliers are already calling approximate prices and tariff plans for 2021.


Most often these are prepaid tariffs for the entire heating season, then the price is lower. The amount is paid for the entire volume of gas that will be used for the period prescribed in the tariff plan. If more fuel is consumed, you will have to pay the difference at the market price. There are companies offering payment in equal installments every month.

Change gas supplier

Now you can change the gas supplier yourself, this procedure consists of 4 simple steps:


1. Determine the provider whose services you want to use.


2. Write and apply for connection to a new supplier (additional documents may be required).


3. Wait for a response from the selected company with confirmation and start date of gas supplies.


4. Pay the last invoice from the previous supplier.


From now on, you only communicate with the new company. She herself will inform the old one that the client has changed the gas supplier. Also, you are not required to show any certificates of absence of debts to the previous supplier..


If you are interested in the topic of changing the gas supplier, then read our terms and conditions supplies energy carriers. If you have additional questions, then call the phones listed on the site or leave a request, and we will call you back.


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