Traditionally, most owners of low-rise buildings for various purposes carry out the arrangement of a heating system with natural circulation of the coolant. But due to gravity circulation, it is possible to achieve a comfortable microclimate in a small house. However, such a way to heat a two, and even more so a three-story mansion is almost impossible. Indeed, “boiling water” can enter the system from the boiler, and the distant radiator will be barely warm. It is guaranteed to create and maintain a comfortable temperature regime in a solid house or on a large-scale production area, the circulation pump installed in the heating system will allow.




Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” offers a pump for two types of heating boiler:


  • “Wet”. In such units, the rotor is immersed in the pumped water. Their main advantage is the ability to control the flow rate of the coolant into the pipes. The three speeds provide an adaptive, slightly economical and comfortable operation of the circulation pump. In addition, it functions almost silently. At the same time, the pumped liquid plays the role of a lubricant, this maximally eliminates the need for routine maintenance of the unit.
  • “Dry”. In models of this design, only the impeller, connected to an electric motor in a sealed housing, “contacts” the pumped water. The main advantages of the pump for the boiler are high efficiency and the ability to work under high temperature conditions. Despite the fact that the pump is capable of delivering liquid into pipes with great power, its operation is accompanied by the “release” of great noise. In this regard, such units are not recommended for use in private houses, and for production – to be located in a separate room.


Circulation pump for heating – how to choose


To guarantee the perfect functioning of the heating system, providing significant savings, it is necessary to select the right pump for the double-circuit boiler. During the selection, special attention should be paid to some of its main operational criteria:


  • Performance. By this indicator, you can find out how much fluid the unit can overtake in a certain time at minimum load. Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” experts recommend choosing a circulation pump for heating, taking into account the power of the heating boiler. These parameters must be identical for both devices. For example, if you plan to install a heating device with a capacity of 25 kW, then it is advisable to buy a circulation pump with a capacity of 25 l / min.
  • Pressure. This parameter shows with what pressure the circulation pump will be able to raise the water to a certain level. It can be calculated if the total length of the planned heating circuit is known. For every 10 meters, a pressure of about 0.6 m of the water column is required. Usually this parameter can be read on a special label on the pump.
  • Terms of Use. These experts include: the volume of heated rooms and the technical characteristics of the heating system in which the pump is planned to be installed. As well as the diameter of the heating circuit pipes. And an important factor is the overall dimensions of the pump.


In Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” there is an opportunity to buy a circulation pump for a boiler of reliable and popular brands:


  • Wilo pumping station. These products from a renowned German manufacturer are distinguished by their high build quality, which guarantees long-term trouble-free operation.
  • Grundfos pumps. At a low price, they are characterized by decent quality parameters.


With proper operation, a circulation pump for a gas boiler or a solid fuel analog of these brands is guaranteed to last more than 10 years.

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