How profitable is it to install a heating system?


To organize a profitable heating system, you need to take into account many structural factors that need heating. For example, wall materials, dimensions and number of doors and their dimensions, insulation material, number and size of windows. Also, special attention is paid to the energy sources that are already in the room, their availability and cost. It is also worth considering how often this room is used, several times a month or daily, different heating systems are used for different times of use. After analyzing all the nuances, our experts select for you the most advantageous offer for arranging a heating system for your facility.

How to order our services for the installation and design of boiler rooms?


You can order our services or consult on questions of interest to you by calling 380443920108. Also in the form on the contacts page, you can contact us in writing, we will reply you with a letter to your e-mail. Or you can order a call back in the header of the site, and we, in turn, will promptly contact you.

What are the guarantees of the effectiveness of the work performed?


We provide a quality guarantee for any defects and deficiencies caused by poor quality work, poor design of individual equipment, improper installation or use of substandard materials. We eliminate all identified defects and shortcomings free of charge and within a reasonable time, and replace defective parts, materials and mechanisms with new ones. The duration of the guarantee period is determined by the parties in the contract, but this period cannot be less than the guarantee period determined on the basis of legislation.

How is the price of heating systems for enterprises formed?


In each project, we calculate an individual price for the installation of heating equipment, study your needs and select all the necessary materials and equipment. It all depends on the individual characteristics of each order, so we do not indicate any specific price. But we can note that most often 80% of the calculated amount is spent on materials, and about 20% is the payment of our labor.

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