Gas boilers for warehouse

Gas boilers KOLVI are often used to heat a warehouse. They can operate on electrical energy or be self-contained, for example, if there is a generator. This makes it possible to achieve the convenience of heating warehouse production facilities in Kyiv and in Ukraine as a whole. It is important to figure out which equipment is better to buy. You can also order the design of boiler rooms for warehouses, and then the specialists will develop the best individual option.


Varieties of boiler models


Choosing gas boilers for a warehouse in Ukraine, you should pay attention to the variety of models. Depending on the parameters, the devices differ in the place of installation and functionality. There are also different types of fuel. In particular, sometimes the equipment can operate not only on gas, but also on solid fuel. This expands the functionality. Often they choose a solid fuel boiler for a hundred warehouse in Kyiv.


It is possible to buy a Kolvi gas boiler for a warehouse in this design:


  • double-circuit – functional, as it additionally has the ability to provide hot water supply to the room;
  • single-circuit – required for heating the liquid contained in the heating system.


When planning the installation of a boiler room in a warehouse, a single-circuit version is usually sufficient..


Depending on the place of installation, Kolvi gas boilers for a warehouse are wall-mounted and floor-standing. Due to the variety of equipment, it is possible to purchase products with an open (through the chimney) or closed (that is, turbocharged with the help of a special chamber) method of processing fuel combustion products.


Why choose a gas boiler


When planning to buy a gas boiler for an equipment warehouse, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the advantages of such a device. Key benefits:


  • the possibility of heating a large area;
  • low cost;
  • long-term operation;
  • maintainability;
  • ease of use;
  • excellent efficiency;
  • direct gas supply, which eliminates the requirement to monitor the boiler on an ongoing basis.


When choosing, a number of characteristics are taken into account. The main one is the heating area. Depending on this, the power of the equipment is selected. It is better to calculate everything individually, and usually 1 kW per 1 square meter is enough, and for a more accurate calculation, the degree of insulation of walls and windows is taken into account. You also need to correctly select the location of the boiler in order to organize a convenient discharge of combustion products. Additionally, the material of the heat exchanger, performance and functionality are taken into account.


Installation of a boiler room for a warehouse in Kyiv


Building your own boiler room is the best choice. It is better to order a miscalculation of the installation of a boiler room for a warehouse. Competent specialists will develop a project for you in accordance with your preferences and wishes.


It is also possible to buy a ready-made version from those offered on the site. The result will be efficient heating of the warehouse, minimizing costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature at all times. Still have questions? Ask them to the consultants of the portal.

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