The guaranteed maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in premises of various functional purposes will only allow the planned professional maintenance of the boilers. Correctly organized preventive work will make it possible not only to keep the heating units in excellent functional condition, but also to save the budget and time for carrying out capital recovery processes on them.


сервисное обслуживание газовых котлов


The need for maintenance


Service maintenance of heating boilers, carried out in accordance with the established regulations, will allow:


  • ensure reliable and efficient operation of industrial water or steam heating devices for a long period of intensive operation;
  • maintain high efficiency of the unit;
  • timely service of gas boilers and all auxiliary equipment will make it possible to ensure the safe operation of the boiler room even under conditions of intense loads;
  • optimize energy consumption;
  • guarantee comfortable heating and hot water or steam supply, taking into account the needs of consumers.


Service of boilers of various types


Doviline Group Service LLC is a part of the group of companies “Energy Industrial Group” and “Kolvi”.


The direction of the company’s activity is maintenance of boilers in Kyiv and the region, repairs, all types of work related to internal gas supply and gas consumption systems of our customers’ facilities. Prevention of all auxiliary equipment: cleaning, replacement of consumables, re-adjustment of heating units.


сервис котлов от ЕПГ Колви


Main activities:

  • Repair and maintenance of gas boilers and solid fuel, gas consuming equipment.
  • Maintenance of boiler rooms and gas pipelines.
  • FOG maintenance, calibration and repair of gas metering devices.
  • Installation and commissioning of boiler houses in general, gas pipelines (external and internal), as well as separate gas metering units.
  • Start-up, commissioning, commissioning and environmental and heat engineering tests of gas-consuming equipment (boilers, burners, etc.).
  • Programming of correctors of any type and of any complexity.
  • Reconstruction of boiler rooms and gas metering units.
  • Installing Remote Communication Modules.


сервисное обслуживание котлов и котельных


By concluding a contract with us for the maintenance of gas boilers and solid fuels, each client is guaranteed to receive the services of the company’s service department, which is staffed with highly qualified engineering and technical personnel with special training and experience in the maintenance, installation, commissioning, repair and reconstruction of gas consumption facilities. Our specialists undergo constant certification and training to improve their qualifications.


договір на обслуговування газового котла


Also, our mobile teams are equipped with modern certified, timely verified diagnostic equipment and all the necessary tools and materials for carrying out technical and repair work.


At present, Doviline Group Service LLC serves over 120 objects (boiler houses and FOG) in the Kiev region.

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