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Italian plant Cib Unigas – develops, manufactures and supplies UNIGAS gas burners to the international market. The main advantages of the products are a high level of quality and a wide range, as a result of the use of innovative solutions and technologies. A gas burner for a boiler is necessary for domestic and industrial needs – specialists from the Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” will help you buy in Ukraine.


What does the burner consist of and how does it work


Traditionally, a gas burner for a boiler consists of:


  • • Metal body made of carbon steels, coated with a heat-resistant paint mixture.
  • • High-temperature alloy nozzles.
  • • A set of air dampers to create an intense turbulence of the air flow.
  • • Flame stabilizer.
  • • Photocell, which makes it possible to automatically control the state of the flame.
  • • Built-in filter with stabilized gas supply pressure.
  • • Groups of dampers, on the provided holes in the body, setting the degree of air intake into the combustion zone.


Types of gas burners


In the Unigas burner catalog, gas burners for boilers and furnaces are presented in groups.


Monoblock burners


A characteristic feature of this type of Unigaz burner is that the fan is located directly in the body of the device. Unigas monoblock burners are available in a wide range as standard. Standard series: IDEA, TECNOPRESS, NOVANTA, CINQUECENTO, MILLE, DUEMILA – these gas burners are used for heating furnaces and boilers with power up to 19 MW.


Industrial burners


The distinctive characteristics of this group of Unigas burners are separate fan placement and an extended power modulation range.

Unigas series: TP with power up to 19 MW and URB with power up to 67 MW – industrial gas burners for furnaces, specially designed for the needs of large heating systems.

Unigas manufactures models of monoblock and industrial gas burners for special applications.


Special execution:


  • • Low NOx type – burners of a high environmental standard, providing a minimum concentration of pollutant emissions: carbon monoxide and especially nitrogen oxides (less than 80 mg / kW * h). The gas burner for ovens is equipped with a fundamentally new combustion head, thanks to its use, environmental efficiency of the 3rd class is achieved.
  • • Short-flare type VS – older models of boilers are characterized by a shallow depth of the furnace space. As a result of the special construction of the burner, the installation of four combustion heads, the rated output of the boiler is achieved.
  • • For Miniflam type bakery ovens – double bottom construction, safety protection against kitchen ovens. The special design of the combustion head and the manufacture of the nozzle from heat-resistant special steel ensure the resistance of the burners to high temperatures.


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Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” carries out installation, design and maintenance of gas burners Unigas. The company’s managers will help you choose and buy a gas burner in Kiev.

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