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Despite the large number of alternative energy sources, such as coal, firewood, electricity, diesel fuel, pallets, a gas boiler does not cease to be in great demand for arranging a heating system not only in private houses, residential complexes, but also in production areas. And there are a number of good reasons for this. After all, gas boilers are distinguished by good efficiency, not only because of the relatively cheap gas, but also by the absence of storage costs in comparison, for example, with solid or liquid fuel. The ability to automate the heating of the coolant as much as possible. Environmental and sanitary safety.


Group of Companies EPG-KOLVI offers a gas boiler, the price of which is quite loyal from well-known Ukrainian and world manufacturers. The presented assortment allows you to choose a heating device for both the specific features of the heating system and your personal taste preferences.


Types of gas boilers


Today you can buy a gas boiler in Ukraine of several types. They differ:


  • functionality: one or two-circuit;
  • installation location: floor, wall and parapet;
  • operating principle: condensation and convection.


Double-circuit gas boiler


This heating device, due to the presence of an auxiliary heat exchanger, is able to simultaneously deliver both the coolant to the heating system and hot water to the tap. Although its cost is more than single-circuit models, you will pay less for it than for a single-circuit boiler and an additional conventional water heater. Double-circuit gas boilers are compact in size and low on energy costs.


Gas floor boiler


These models are characterized by good reliability and durability, since in most cases they are equipped with cast iron heat exchangers. From EPG you can buy a floor-standing gas boiler with a capacity of up to 30 kW, capable of heating large residential or industrial areas.


Single-circuit gas boiler


The main feature of this model is the ability to use only in heating systems of small rooms. As a rule, such heating devices are installed in city apartments. Single-circuit gas boilers will not allow using hot water. To do this, you need to buy an additional flow-through or storage type water heater.


Wall hung gas boiler


It is recommended to complete heating systems in city apartments or private houses with heating devices of this series. Due to their compact size and exquisitely stylish design, they easily fit into the overall design. At the same time, they do not take up a lot of useful space. They are distinguished by simplicity of installation and good automation of the process of heating the coolant.


Condensing gas boiler


Compared to conventional convection-type heating devices, these models use both the heat released during the combustion of the gas and the energy of the water vapor generated during its cooling to heat the coolant. This is achieved by installing an additional heat exchanger inside the heating device. In the process of condensate settling on it, additional heat is released from the exhaust flue gases. Thanks to this design, the condensing gas boiler has an efficiency of almost 100%. Provided that the amount of heat released as a result of gas combustion is taken as 100%.

Parapet gas boiler


The main advantage of such models is the presence of a closed combustion chamber. This makes it possible to exclude as much as possible the ingress of gaseous products of gas combustion into the room. Parapet gas boilers differ from other counterparts in the ability to heat the room by convection, due to the holes made in the body.


How to choose a gas boiler


Do you want to buy a gas boiler? Before deciding on the choice of a model, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the advantages of a gas heater for heating:


  • able to provide guaranteed heating of both a city apartment and a respectable private house, as well as a small production site;
  • distinguished by its compactness and exquisitely stylish design;
  • are characterized by a fairly high efficiency;
  • the functioning process is fully automated, that is, it is enough to carry out periodic maintenance of the device before the start of the heating period;
  • we offer a wide range of models, differing in power, installation method, functionality, principle of operation;
  • in the presented model range, you can choose the best option for your financial capabilities.


Buy a gas boiler with installation in Ukraine


Group of Companies EPG-KOLVI offers gas boilers of Ukrainian production, as well as leading brands at a loyal cost in various designs. The presented assortment makes it possible to choose the best model, taking into account the technical features of the heated object and the wishes of the client both from Kiev and the region, and from anywhere in Ukraine. If you have any difficulties in choosing, our experienced managers are always ready to give qualified information about the heating medium heating devices you are interested in.

We can not only buy a gas boiler in Ukraine at a reasonable price, but also order a professional heating system design, installation and maintenance.

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