Modular boiler rooms

Modular boiler rooms are designed for heat supply and hot water supply of residential, industrial, public and administrative buildings, as well as objects under construction for various purposes as a permanent or temporary source of heat supply. If justified, the boiler room can be used on the roof.


A modular boiler room is a transportable container with boiler equipment mounted in it – boilers and auxiliary equipment that ensure the autonomous operation of the boiler room.


модульная котельная


The boiler room container is installed with a support frame on a prepared strip foundation made of in-situ concrete or foundation blocks. To ventilate the space under the boiler room, it is necessary to provide ventilation holes in the foundation. The height of the foundation above ground level should, in general, be at least 15 cm and take into account the requirements for arranging the approach and entrance to the boiler room; drainage requirements and local design conditions.


The distribution unit is not included in the scope of delivery of the basic boiler room. The choice of the type of switchgear unit, its characteristics, connection diagram and additional equipment requires an appropriate justification in agreement with the Customer.


The design of modular boiler houses provides for the operation of the boiler house in an automatic mode without the constant presence of service personnel. The workplace for the service personnel in the boiler room is not foreseen.


монтаж строительной котельной


Installation of a modular boiler room and preparation for work


Before the construction of modular boiler rooms, the issues described below must be resolved:

  • • external gas supply (if necessary – installation of a gas control point);
  • • power supply;
  • • household drinking water supply;
  • • sewer supply;
  • • heating system connection;
  • • heating system connection;
  • • firefighting;
  • • calculation of the minimum required chimney height to ensure draft;
  • • environmental impact assessment (including determination of the height of chimneys);
  • • construction of the boiler room foundation and, if necessary, the construction of the chimney attachment.


After the installation of the modular boiler room, it is connected to the systems of engineering communications in accordance with the project developed and agreed in the established manner.


Installation of a deflector, chimneys (if necessary), the outer part of the purge pipelines.


The installation of the remote control panel for the alarm signaling is carried out in the place determined by the project and its connection to the power grid and to the control and alarm panel.


Commissioning works are underway, the first stage of which is testing the internal communication systems of the boiler room.


подключение модульной котельной


Launch of modular boiler houses by the EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies


After the completion of the installation and before the commissioning of the boiler room, individual testing of the equipment of the boiler room and external communications is carried out, as well as commissioning.


модульная котельная


Employees of the EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies carry out commissioning, have the appropriate license and the necessary permits for the right to carry out these works, the company’s specialists have been trained at the training center of the KOLVI Corporation.

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