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Now on the modern market, you can find various types of boilers that differ not only in price, but also operate on different fuels. Each type is characterized by the installation method, efficiency and other operational parameters. From a wide range of heating devices, solid fuel boilers are gaining particular popularity.


Understanding the ever-increasing demand for these units, manufacturers are trying to constantly make quite serious changes in their designs. This made it possible to significantly increase their efficiency while reducing fuel consumption. As a result of such improvements, the solid fuel boiler has become a worthy alternative to gas and electric counterparts.


Types of boilers for solid fuelsе


Today manufacturers offer several types of solid fuel boilers in Kiev:


  • Classic boilers for coal or wood. These models are distinguished by simplicity of design, low price and simplicity in operation. They have a voluminous combustion chamber. It is allowed to load fuel of various types and qualities into them. However, a standard wood-fired boiler is characterized by low efficiency, the need for frequent fuel loading and removal of combustion products, manual adjustment of the temperature regime of the coolant.
  • Long burning solid fuel boilers. With one load of fuel, the device is capable of heating water for 30 … 120 hours. This is achieved through the use of “upper-lower” combustion technology for the combustion of wood or coal. This method eliminates the constant supply of air to the combustion chamber. As a result, the fuel does not burn, but smolders slowly.
  • Long burning wood burning pyrolysis boilers. The operation of such devices is based on the principle of the release of pyrolysis gases (a kind of mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, hydrocarbons) during the combustion of any solid fuel. This combustion gas is automatically sent to a separate chamber. As a result of its combustion, a better drying of solid fuel is achieved, ensuring its more complete combustion. Due to this, solid fuel pyrolysis boilers are characterized by an efficiency of up to 92%.
  • Boiler for pellets. Equipping such heating devices with a special hopper and auger mechanism makes it possible to make its functioning as automatic as possible. Quite cheap pellets are used as fuel. Their low cost is due to the original manufacturing technology. Waste from wood processing (sawdust, shavings) and agricultural processing (straw, sunflower husks) are pressed into small cylinders. From the loading container, the pellets are periodically fed by the auger into the combustion chamber. Pellet solid fuel boilers for long burning with automation are characterized by efficiency.


Solid fuel boilers from the manufacturer


In Group of Companies EPG-KOLVI you can buy a solid fuel boiler from the manufacturer:


  • with manual loading on wood or coal KOLVІ A;
  • with automatic loading of pellets or fine coal KOLVI AM, Eurotherm WMSP, Eurotherm CMS;
  • with automatic loading of wood chips pellets or shavings KOMKONT (Belarus)


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Group of Companies EPG-KOLVI offers solid fuel boilers, the price of which is quite loyal, from leading brands in various designs. The presented line allows you to choose the best model, taking into account the technical features of the heated object and the wishes of the client. If you have any difficulties with the choice, our experienced managers are always ready to give qualified information about the heating medium heating device you are interested in.


You can not only buy a solid fuel boiler in Ukraine at a reasonable price from us, but also order a professional heating system design, installation and maintenance.

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