Heating of industrial premises

With the onset of cold weather, it becomes necessary to install and check devices and heating systems. Industrial premises also require the installation of quality equipment. The industrial equipment of boiler houses must be installed in accordance with regulatory rules, according to a project developed in advance. You can order a calculation of the cost of equipment and a project on the website of the manufacturer Kolvi.


Industrial heating: types and principles of installation


Boiler equipment for production must be made of high quality materials. It is not worth saving on the quality of the boiler room. When buying a low-quality system, you will have to spend large sums on dismantling and repairing breakdowns. The cost of installing a boiler room for the plant will depend on the size of the room itself, the front of the installation work.


Heating of industrial premises is of several types:


  • electric;
  • diesel;
  • gas;
  • water;
  • infrared.


Selection of the type and selection of the optimal system is an important step when ordering a project. It is important to pay attention to the ratio of the cost of equipment and productivity, reliability when calculating the heating of an industrial premises. The area that the heating workshop will occupy should be calculated. Such workshops are of the following types:


  • annexes to the production building;
  • detached buildings;
  • home elements;
  • built into the room.


The project will depend on the boiler room option chosen by the customer. Installation is carried out based on the installation rules, in compliance with safety rules.


What to look for when installing a heating system for industrial premises


A large amount of space is required for the heating system of industrial premises. When calculating the optimal location and size of the heating system, you should rely on a number of indicators:


  1. Saving space in production during installation.
  2. Possibility of transition of the heating system from operating state to energy saving mode.
  3. The possibility of heating individual workshops in the building.
  4. The ability to easily dismantle the system if you need to move to another location.


These indicators are the most important when buying a heating system for production. In this case, installation in annexes or separate rooms will be inconvenient, as the customer will incur additional costs.


The most efficient way to heat such rooms is a floor installation or a wall-mounted system. Heat generators must have an air distribution function. Thanks to such a boiler, a huge industrial room heats up within half an hour from the moment it starts up. If there are certain features in the production process, other installation options can be used.


Heating of the production hall from Kolvi


The Kolvi company provides services for the creation of heating projects for industries. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the boilers. They are created from high quality materials from trusted suppliers. The catalog contains a wide range of boilers KOLVI: diesel, gas and others.


Managers will help you determine the type of system and advise on any issues that have arisen. The choice of the type of system depends on the actual needs such as:


  • industrial room configuration;
  • the need for ventilation in the building;
  • production features;
  • room dimensions;
  • automated system operation.


Experts have extensive experience in installing heating boilers for industrial premises. Regularly undergo training in new installation techniques. This will allow you to get high-quality equipment at a reasonable price and install it as soon as possible.

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