Boiler rooms for educational institutions

Educational institutions for preschool children and schoolchildren should be provided with everything they need. The boiler plant in the school in the winter must be clearly adjusted so that it can work without interruption. You can get a boiler room project for a general education institution by contacting the company on the hotline. The cost will depend on the scope of the project and the size of the building.


Heating in a school, kindergarten: where to start the installation of boiler rooms for educational institutions


Heating modules are compulsory for educational institutions and kindergartens. Their absence means that there is no heating in the school. In this case, the installation of a boiler room will be mandatory in order to provide heating for the school in Kyiv.


The EPG-Kolvi company provides a large selection of all kinds of boilers. To get advice, just call the number or leave a request. In this case, the manager will personally call you back. A boiler room for a school or kindergarten will be designed in accordance with a preliminary design. Experts will help you develop a plan and draw up a work front. Kolvi boiler rooms are of the following types:


  • freestanding;
  • annexes to the building;
  • built into general purpose premises;
  • home-based – on the roofs of buildings.


Most often, the boiler plant in the school is located in a separate building or annexes to avoid children’s contact with the equipment. Safety precautions in boiler rooms of the school must be observed by all employees who are allowed to work with it. A boiler room for a kindergarten or school is designed in accordance with the rules specified in state regulations and charters.


Boiler houses for schools from the EPG-Kolvi company


The main services provided by the company are the production and sale of boilers. Boilers from the manufacturer can operate on fuels such as:


  • petroleum products;
  • coal;
  • firewood;
  • peat;
  • gas;
  • pellets.


When ordering a project, you can choose the most optimal fuel option, often gas, and then plan the scope of work. You can order a miscalculation on the website by leaving a request.


The company produces high-tech equipment and will help to provide high-quality heating for the kindergarten in Kyiv. A heating boiler from the manufacturer will be as economical and easy to maintain as possible.


Production and installation of boiler rooms Kolvi


The company is engaged in the creation of boiler house projects and their installation. There are projects of different types of boiler houses:


  • on gas;
  • on diesel;
  • dry solid fuel.


Specialists are trained in new installation technologies, and therefore the work is performed not only efficiently, but also quickly. The specialist develops a heating project for the school, after which the approximate cost of services will be named.


Such equipment is created from high quality materials from trusted suppliers. The company gives a guarantee for the work performed. All orders are carried out in accordance with the terms and rules of law discussed in advance. It is possible to order turnkey installation services.

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