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A boiler room (boiler plant) is a set of equipment that, in its totality, ensures the production of heat energy or steam and its transmission (transportation) to the consumer. The main equipment of boiler houses includes hot water and steam boilers that produce heat when burning gaseous or solid fuels. The auxiliary equipment ensures the transportation of heat and steam to the consumer, and is also responsible for the reliable and safe operation of the boiler house as a whole. The choice of this equipment is carried out on the basis of detailed technical calculations, taking into account the real needs of the customer and his requirements for the functionality, characteristics and quality of the boiler room.


Types of boiler rooms


Boiler plants, according to specific characteristics, can be classified according to various criteria. In particular, in DBN V.2.5-77:2014. Boiler rooms. (Appendix E) the following classification of boiler rooms is given:


1. By appointment – heating, production and heating, production.
2. According to planning solutions – free-standing, attached, built-in, roof.
3. In terms of the reliability of the supply of coolant to consumers – boiler houses of the first reliability category, boiler houses of the second reliability category.
4. By the type of heat carrier supplied – steam, hot water, steam water heating.
5. According to the architectural and construction solutions – closed, semi-open, open.
6. According to the aggregate state of the fuel – solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas, multi-fuel.


In addition to the above list of boiler houses, there are stationary boiler houses (capital construction) and transportable boiler plants. The EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies is engaged in both capital construction (or reconstruction) of boiler houses and the manufacture of modular transportable and modular boiler houses of the KM-2 type.


Boiler rooms KM-2 are manufactured in accordance with TU U 28.3-23164313.006-2001 and are supplied to the consumer in the form of one or more transportable containers, which are installed on a pre-built strip foundation and are interconnected into a single technological unit to which all engineering networks (gas, water , electricity, sewerage, etc.). Transportable overall dimensions are containers with a length of no more than 8000 mm, a width of no more than 3000 mm and a height of no more than 3000 mm. In the case when the boiler room requires a much larger size, then such a boiler room is modular and delivered to the installation site in separate blocks disassembled.


Transportable modular and block boiler rooms of the KM-2 type are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the above-mentioned DBN V.2.5-77: 2014. Boiler rooms. This includes boiler plants with a heating capacity above 0.2 MW and a unit boiler capacity of more than 0.1 MW. In addition to these boiler houses, the group of companies offers KM-2 heat generating units with a heating capacity of up to 0.2 MW and a unit boiler (heat generator) capacity of not more than 0.1 MW in accordance with the requirements of DBN V.2.5-20: 2018. Gas supply. These installations are widely used for heat supply of administrative and office buildings, schools, kindergartens, dispensaries, and the like.


The EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies offers modular transportable or stationary boiler plants for production in accordance with the technical specifications and customer requirements. Boiler houses of KM-2 type are certified on the territory of Ukraine, are manufactured on the basis of high-quality equipment and component parts and have technical and service support. These boiler rooms are manufactured on the basis of gas and solid fuel boilers KOLVI and Eurotherm Technology. The power of boiler houses can be from 0.05 to 30 MW and more. Fuel and coolant parameters – in accordance with the technical characteristics of boilers and auxiliary equipment.

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