Engineering systems

Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI”” is engaged in the design and installation of high-quality engineering systems of several types:

  • External and internal gas pipelines (gas pipelines, closet gas control and gas distribution points, commercial and technological gas metering units, equipment connection points, gas supply safety equipment);


There are two types of external gas pipelines: above ground and below ground.


It is easier and more economical to build a gas pipeline that will be located above the ground. It is installed on special steel fasteners at a height. The disadvantages of this design can be noticed over time, because the onshore gas pipeline needs additional protection from external factors. Also, its installation is prohibited near live wires.


The gas pipeline that will be placed underground will cost 25-30% more, but it does not spoil the surrounding appearance and there are no problems with its use. The only problem may be the ability to lay it in the desired area.


The internal gas pipeline must not be placed in walls or other structures; its location must always be open and accessible.


  • Heating, heat supply (external and internal heating pipelines, heat points, heat energy metering and distribution units, heat supply security);


Depending on what the object is used for, we will select a suitable engineering heating system for you. It will be economical to use and will suit your needs. We can find an individual solution for any home. Whether it is a room where you always live, or a summer house, where completely different functions of heating are required.


  • Steam supply (steam production for various technological processes, steam pipelines, steam separation systems, steam distribution and reduction, condensate return and reuse, condensate disposal);


  • Cold water supply (external and internal cold water pipelines, cold water metering and distribution units, pressure boosting pumping stations, storage tanks);


Any water supply system includes a certain number of pipelines. They can be made of plastic or metal. And for installation, welded, threaded or flanged connections are used. For each pipe diameter, its own fittings and control devices are manufactured.


  • Hot water supply (external and internal hot water pipelines, circulation pipelines, pumps and pumping stations for circulation and pressure increase, metering and distribution units for hot water);


Engineering hot water systems have a similar structure, but equipment for heating water is also installed there. After heating, water is supplied to consumers at a certain temperature.


Our company will help you with any question if you are interested in services for the installation of engineering systems in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine.

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