At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which was held in the coming days, a resolution was adopted to develop a special action plan at the national level for the energy efficiency of Ukraine for a period that should be completed before 2030. Based on what was written in the program, before this period, the initial and final use of energy in the country should not be higher than 91,468 and 5,446 thousand tons, respectively. The figures being considered are in oil equivalent.


The energy service contract stipulates that the indicators of primary energy use by the specified year will be reduced by approximately 22%, and final energy by 17%, respectively.


At the meeting, the Minister of Energy emphasized that one of the key tasks of the plan and its immediate implementation is the need to reduce carbon emissions by about 56.6 million tons.


For 2021-2023, the state program approved a whole list of actions prescribed in the plan. According to it, at least 170 local-level programs for the introduction of energy-efficient measures will be implemented in residential buildings. For enterprises, the number of projects has been increased to 180. Annually it is planned to sign at least 200 contracts with objects of both communal and state authorities.


According to the plan, it is proposed to implement such a process as:

  • accounting of thermal energy, hot and drinking water;
  • creation of a regulatory and legal framework, according to which the number of chargers for electric vehicles will be increased;
  • the possibility of expanding incentives in the field of heat transfer regulation.


Through the implementation of certain points of the plan, it is possible to contribute to the launch of the program for the thermal modernization of dwellings proposed by V. Zelensky.


Dear employees of the energy industry!


The EPG group of companies – the supplier of Kolvi boilers, sincerely congratulates you on your professional holiday! Thanks to your tireless and persistent daily work, industry and the social sphere operate smoothly, transport and communications function, and people’s homes are filled with light and warmth.


We wish you unquenchable life energy for creative takeoffs and labor achievements. Let the awareness of the importance of your profession inspire new achievements, and your wisdom and inspiration continue to multiply the power of our independent state.


The current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that in the new 2022 it is planned to start the “Great Thermal Modernization”, which, according to the President, will provide an opportunity to be insured against a subsequent increase in prices for energy resources and “for the first time to obtain true energy independence.”


He made this statement in a message to the Verkhovna Rada.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said that for the first time Ukraine is not connected with the issues of the energy crisis, restrictions on electricity supply and a significant increase in tariffs. Ukraine was able to maintain a stable position in the energy sector, we held back the rise in prices for utilities and housing services, and the price of electricity for the country’s residents fell.


The cost of gas exceeded $1000 per 1000 m3, this is due to the news that the certification of Nord Stream 2, which is Russian, has been suspended.


This was reported by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) data.


At 14 o’clock in Kyiv, the price of gas in the main hub of Europe TTF in the Netherlands rose to $1,051 per 1,000 cubic meters, or 87.9 euros per MWh. The contract rates for December increased by 9.9% per day.


Пауза в сертификации Северного потока – 2



This price increase is due to the suspension of the certification process for Nord Stream 2 AG as the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which belongs to Russia. This decision was made by the German federal agency.


It is not known how long certification will be suspended, it was supposed to end in May. There is a fear on the market that Russia will begin to artificially reduce gas reserves in European storage facilities.


Earlier it was reported that in the Russian Federation they said that they would not increase gas supplies, until the launch of Nord Stream 2 is approved.


The EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies, which is the National manufacturer of KOLVI, took an active part in the study of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas as a fuel for municipal and industrial heat generating plants / boilers.


On the basis of this research, specialists have written a scientific article on a relevant topic.


Links below you can read the first and the second parts of the article “The use of a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen as fuel in municipal and industrial fuel-burning heat generating plants”.


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The press service of the Kyiv City State Administration announced the signing of a loan agreement for 140 million euros, this money is intended for the modernization of the heat and power complex of Kiev.


The Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko said that this project was created to introduce modern technologies in the creation of a modern centralized heat supply system in Kiev, which is among the largest in Europe.


This program should help to improve energy efficiency and reduce the consumption of energy resources – gas, electricity, water. But most importantly, it will improve the quality of the services provided to the residents of Kyiv.


The project provides for the installation of new cogeneration units at CHPP-6, they should emit less harmful substances into the atmosphere, which meets the standards in Europe.


Inefficient boiler houses will be reconstructed, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project will comply with European Union norms and climate targets in Ukraine.


There are plans to install a condensing economizer at CHPP-5. It will use the residual energy of the flue gases. A monitoring and dispatching system will also be installed. This system is the only one of its kind that will analyze and control the operation of an entire power complex with tracking of production indicators.


Photo: novavlada.info


For the first time ever, the price of natural gas in Ukraine has risen above 15,000 hryvnia per 1,000 cubic meters. This price was announced during the auction on July 1, 2021. The rise in prices is driven by high demand for gas and insufficient supply. One of the reasons was also the increase in quotations in Europe.


The cost of gas in Ukraine tends to match European prices. There, the cost at the time of July 1 was already 15936 hryvnia per 1000 cubic meters.


By the heating season 2021-2022, plans include an increase in gas reserves in Ukraine’s storage facilities to 17 billion cubic meters. This is reported in the government order No. 586-r dated June 9, 2021.


It should be borne in mind that since the beginning of 2021, the spot gas price in European countries has doubled. And at the beginning of June, storage facilities in Europe were only 37% full. At that time, there was 40 billion cubic meters of gas there, which is two times less than exactly a year ago.


First Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories Vasily Lozinsky, went on a working trip to the Kharkiv region. During the visit, he visited 11 construction sites where boiler and pumping stations, heat chambers, central and individual heating points, and other engineering infrastructure facilities are being modernized. In total, 30 objects are participating in the project “Improving Energy Efficiency in the District Heating Sector of Ukraine” in Kharkiv.


KP “Kharkiv Heating Networks” is a participant in this project, which is being carried out jointly with the World Bank. This project involves the technical modernization of the heating infrastructure and the improvement of the quality of services provided. The project bears important social, environmental and economic issues. Vasily Lozinsky notes that successful work in the field of energy efficiency is the path to complete energy independence of the country.


At a meeting in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Vasily Lozinsky presented the Energodom project of the Energy Efficiency Fund and pointed out the importance of supporting condominiums from the leaders of territorial communities. Now 13 applications have been submitted to the Fund for the amount of UAH 76 million.


Also during the trip Vasily Lozinsky arrived on a visit to the KP “Kharkovvodokanal”. During the meeting, the sides discussed the issue of the Second Urban Infrastructure Development Project, which is being implemented in cooperation with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This program involves the reconstruction of 2 complexes of treatment facilities in Kharkov with a total capacity of 560,000 m3 per day and the solution of the issue of sludge treatment.


Василий Лозинский в рабочей поездке в Харьковской области


Images: minregion.gov.ua


Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko and Head of the European Investment Bank in Ukraine Jean-Erik de Zagon attended a working meeting, which touched upon promising areas of strategic partnership in energy issues.


встреча министра энергетики Украины и представителя Европейского инвестиционного банка


Photo: mpe.kmu.gov.ua


German Galushchenko noted that the Ministry of Energy is striving for updates in its energy strategy. These aspirations also take into account the goals towards which Ukraine is heading. European Green Deal, transformation of coal mining regions, goals for the introduction of modern technologies for energy conservation. Ensuring the stable operation of the power system is also important.


At the moment, transparent rules are being introduced into the electricity market to make it predictable and become even closer to the synchronization of the Ukrainian energy system and ENTSO-E.


Promising areas for joint work of the Ministry of Energy and the EIB: hydrogen energy and its development, energy efficiency and hydropower.


Heating costs are forecast to increase by 15-40% based on the new conditions for gas supply from Naftogaz Trading.


Naftogaz Trading presented new gas purchase contracts for Teplokommunenergo (TKE) enterprises. There are advance payments, quotas for the volume of use and write-off of funds from the accounts of companies in the event of a debt.


If the payment deadline specified in the contract is violated, a fine of 10% of the delivery volume per month will be applied to the company.


Representatives of the Ukrteplokommunenergo association are confident that these quotas are 10-15% lower than the optimal ones. Under such conditions, it is predicted that the final heating tariffs will increase by 15-40% by the beginning of the 2021-2022 heating season in Ukraine (tariffs in different cities may differ).


At the same time, the approximate contract for the supply of natural gas to produce heat, which was concluded between the enterprises of TKE and Naftogaz Trading LLC on May 29, implies gas supply cost at the level of 7583.89 UAH including VAT and transportation.

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