Production boilers and boiler rooms

Every person who loves coziness in the room, but at the same time understands the importance of saving, thought at least once about buying a boiler or equipment for a whole boiler room for a private house. As soon as heating equipment appeared on the market, it immediately became in demand among people. It has many advantages over urban heating, because With the help of private boilers and boilers, you can regulate the temperature in the room yourself, turn on the heating when you feel that it is necessary, and most importantly, it is a more economical option.


Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI” guarantees you that our products are of high quality and safe, our boilers and boiler houses are time-tested products, and our specialists are highly qualified and will install all equipment with high quality. 


Production of boilers and boiler rooms by the Group of Companies “EPG-KOLVI”


The production of any object begins with design. First of all, when selecting and producing equipment, we determine the consumption and load that will be carried out on the equipment. We determine the type of building and all its features. An equipment project is drawn up, all the nuances are agreed with the authorities and the installation of equipment begins.

Производство котлов и котельных


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