Presentation of the draft law on the widespread thermal modernization of buildings

закон о повсеместной термомодернизации зданий

At the end of May 2021, the Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine presented a draft law for consideration, the main goal of which is to introduce effective measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings by thermal modernization. The details of the presentation are reported by the press service of the Ministry of Regional Development.


At this stage, the priority task in the work of the Ministry is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Minister A. Chernyshev noted that the introduction of this law will provide an opportunity not only to save energy resources, but also to significantly reduce the numbers in the “payments” of citizens of Ukraine. In his report, he focused on the fact that the right measures in the development of energy efficiency will lead to significant economic growth in the country. The adoption of this bill will bring Ukraine even closer to the European Green Deal.


The document was developed in the Ministry of Regional Development under the leadership of partners from foreign countries, together with deputies and experts in this area. The order of institutional conditions for the widespread thermal modernization of houses was jointly created.


The bill also implies amending the existing laws of Ukraine, which at this stage regulate the issues of energy saving. They must influence questions like this:


• simplification of the system for providing support from the state and its adaptation to the needs of co-owners of residential buildings;

• creation of systemic advancement in the field of formation and implementation of political activities in the issue of reducing energy losses in structures;

• implementation of phased implementation of programs for deep thermal modernization of houses, while using clear criteria for the effectiveness of indicators of rational use of energy;

• introduction of all existing modern methods and tools to reduce energy consumption in buildings;

• implementation of the introduction of a special resource with information on the volumes, characteristics and amount of energy consumed by buildings in Ukraine.


Immediately after the presentation of the bill on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development, it was discussed online, in which experts in this area took part.


Shortly before the presentation, Alexey Chernyshev had already spoken about increasing investments in the construction industry next year. This is another successful step in the reform implemented by the Ministry.


Also, to save consumed energy resources and reduce the amount in “payment” will help heat supply from the EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies.


Photo: РБК-Украина


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