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Industrial boilers are a group of technological equipment characterized by high thermal power and are used for heat supply (production of thermal energy), steam and hot water supply to consumers of housing and communal services, industrial enterprises, various objects of state and commercial infrastructure. When supplying heat and ensuring the functioning of technological processes, natural or liquefied gas, solid fuel, electric energy, and the like can be used as fuel for industrial boilers. On the basis of industrial boilers and auxiliary equipment, water heating, steam and combined boiler houses and technological complexes are organized.


Types of industrial boilers


The EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies offers a wide range of industrial boilers for gas and solid fuels, which can be used to solve a wide range of heat supply problems both for facilities with low energy consumption and for large infrastructure facilities of housing and communal services, industry, etc. This range is represented by the following equipment :


  • Industrial gas boilers – hot water and steam boilers operating on gaseous fuels. The design of these boilers includes atmospheric gas burners (for boilers up to 0.1 MW) or fan type (for boilers over 0.1 MW). The maximum heating capacity of gas boilers can be 30 MW or more. The working pressure of the coolant is from 0.3 to 1.6 MPa. The coolant temperature is up to 85, 115 or 150 degrees, depending on the specific equipment model. Industrial steam boilers can produce low pressure (up to 1 bar) or high pressure (up to 14.8 bar) steam. Boilers of our own production of the KOLVI and Eurotherm Technology brands, as well as equipment from leading manufacturers of the EU countries (Italy, Germany) are offered.
  • Industrial solid fuel boilers – hot water boilers of domestic and foreign production with a heating capacity of 0.1 to 1 MW, operating on solid fuel of coarse fraction (firewood, coal, various waste with manual fuel loading) and fine fraction (pellets, wood chips, coal with automatic loading fuel), and steam boilers (steam generators) with a productivity of 300 kg of steam per hour and more, with manual and automatic loading. Boilers are also offered for the use of specific types of solid fuels (chopped straw, peat, inorganic fuels, etc.).


Industrial boilers: advantages


Industrial gas and solid fuel boilers offered by the EPG-KOLVI Group of Companies are characterized by the following advantages:


  • High efficiency (energy efficiency).
  • A wide range of models in terms of thermal power, functionality, boiler design.
  • The use of high-quality materials and components in the manufacture of boilers.
  • A high degree of automation and the use of multi-level safety systems for the operation of boiler equipment.
  • A well-thought-out design of equipment that ensures long-term normal operation of boilers and their convenient maintenance.
  • Availability of service support for consumers by the boiler manufacturer.
  • Constant technical improvement of existing models of industrial boilers and development of fundamentally new types of boiler equipment.

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